Stanton SOBE, Miami

Shout Out to Marriott Stanton on South Beach Miami. I was excited to be able to stay there for a birthday celebration for a second time in the last two years. I enjoyed my time there both times. Excellent location, walking distance to the strip full of restaurants and shops. Staff was very friendly and accommodating.  The decor in the entire hotel was to die for, very modern and sleek. I loved the simplicity of my room and the outside patio area and pool was very inviting.

The Stanton SOBE HONORS military. Yassssss!!! They have discounts for active duty military based on availability and hotel occupancy. We have posted a few lovely pictures of the hotel. Great place to hang out with friends and family, getaway to relax or party for the weekend. Please let us know if you if you go there and share your experience with YMM.


_MG_7674_MG_7677_MG_7691_2_3_MG_7703_4_5_MG_7709_10_11_MG_7717        _MG_7729_MG_7733_4_5_MG_7736_7_8_MG_7760_1_2_MG_7781_2_3

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